Machine Learning and Data Science Courses - Live Online & Classroom Enterprise Training

Become a Data Scientist and Machine Learning expert the difference is much more subtle. Studying data science will help you understand how to take raw data, analyse it, connect the dots and tell a story often via several visualizations and studying machine learning along with it will make you a specialist of artificial intelligence. Altogether this data and machine leaning course makes you an amazing Data Science and Machine Learning Engineer.

AI ML Course Delivery for Blackbucks Engineers

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Data Science - Faculty Development Programs

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Our Course Highlights

Master the core concepts of statistical learnings implemented to quickly extract features from ay type of data. In a practice-as-you-learn approach, gain-depth working knowledge of tools to implement classification, regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction and many more classic data science concepts.

In cloud labs, practice pre-processing of data, model selection, classical regression, naïve Bayes, SVM and much more.

Be industry ready to develop cutting-edge intelligent apps in the fastest possible time with our machine learning models.